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Triumph for temporary
staffing and employment of foreigners

We have strengths in human resources who are active in the manufacturing industry such as machining and food manufacturing. Especially in the service of dispatching foreigners, we have been refining our expertise since our establishment in 1991. At many manufacturing sites, busy and off-seasons are often clear, and work-sharing during off-seasons is often a heavy burden. It is extremely difficult to build a personnel system that is just right in response to fluctuations in the amount of orders received.

We are sensitive to these on-site issues because we have been specializing in the manufacturing industry for many years.

We support customers’ employment concerns by providing a polite service from temporary staffing according to the business content to follow-up for the retention of human resources.

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Triumph adheres to the challenges of both
“companies looking for talented people” and “people looking for a good career.”

Recruiting company

  • Business expansion, urgent need for human resources.
  • Quality deterioration due to lack of personnel.
  • Quality deterioration due to lack of personnel, business stagnation.
  • We can't devote our staff to support the needs of foreigners, and are worried regarding the kind of support.

For Job Seekers

  • Wants to work in a stable workplace for a long time.
  • Looking for a company because doesn’t have a car and has a pick-up service.
  • Wants to leave child while working, but doesn’t have any nursery.
  • Wants to use the employee dormitory.
  • A foreigner, who wants to have a stable job in Japan.

Aiming to be the company most trusted by our customers,
we are taking on the challenge of creating new human resources value and power.


  • Employment placement /
    dispatch to domestic /
    overseas human resources

    Depending on the customer’s request, we will flexibly support from long-term planning on an annual basis to short-term employment monthly basis. In addition, we can also propose temporary staffing services and employment placements that are premised on direct employment according to the needs of our customers.

  • Recruiting service for
    foreigners with specific

    As a registration support organization for foreigners with specific skills, we provide one-stop services such as introduction of foreign human resources with a certain level of Japanese, formulation of support plans, support related to application / acceptance, and follow-up of life after employment.

  • Business contract

    The staff directly hired by us will carry out and complete the requested work under the supervision and responsibility of our company. Our company takes responsibility for employment, which enables us to flexibly respond to fluctuations in production and workload.

  • Technical intern training business center

    For about one month after entering Japan and before being assigned to the training implementing organization, we will provide this training for the purpose of making your life in Japan smooth on a daily basis.


Please let us know your concerns about hiring and job hunting.

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